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Paypal vs Alertpay??

I have a ALertpay.com account but only find a few websites where I want to buy from which also use Alertpay! So leaves me back with the feeling that I still will need the PP account.
SiddFisher said:
Yeah! That's the general idea. Not many sites accept Alertpay as payment processors.
In the end we all need a Paypal account for purchasing anything online.
There are only few reliable sites which accept Alertpay. Most people rely on Paypal for their Transaction as it offers the most safest and reliable way of transaction for your business or personal account.
Irrespective of the fee structure that exists in PayPal, it still remains as a monopoly among the internet payment processors. Alertpay I reckon have to go through a lot of development before it becomes a globally popular one.Further Alertpay fee structure changes with time to time.

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