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Paypopup.com is it good or just a waste of time?

Paypopup is good I had used them some years before and their pay rate is also good.However the problem is that pop ups always cause irritation to customers and we are bound to lose customer base if we use them excessively.
Do a quick Google search and all the results include "how to remove annoying paypopup spyware." I wouldn't bother with them. Not a good way to do business and build trust in your customers.
Machida said:
I had used them before but I stopped because they are serving some spyware as they are advertising on your site. Believe me when I say that they are not worth it.
Googling this website, will exactly give you the results of this, they are poor spam, installing some spyware on ppl's computer isn't honest business.
megamath said:
Does anyone know about Paypopup.com are they a fake or do they really work for you.

They offer possibilities for both Advertisers and Publishers!
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