Paysera so stupid *lol*


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Your provided documents have no record number. Pleas provide registration documents with record numbers.

I´ve uploaded all fresh official documents from the cyprus chamber of commerce.

How stupid are this guys form paysera? I don´t print this forms, this is original from the chamber of commerce and i can't force the chamber of commerce to write down special paysera record numbers , especially since it has a HE number on it (always the same on every document like Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate shareholder etc).

And why don't they write this shit the same way, it always costs money to apply for the documents!

Samuel Newman

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the problem is they do not know much about incorporations and corporate documents

I can advise only to move to another EMI, because it's a waste of time to prove anything to Paysera
they have asked me for nonsense several times:
1) official register of UBOs for Belize company
2) notary's signature and stamp on every page (the document was stitched)

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They don't accept original incorporaton documents:eek::eek: first time I read this about an EMI!


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And again the same bullshit *lol* ...

I wrote him a support ticket, if they still are stupid, i will warning the complete internet about this stupid bullshit company.


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Did you try calling them and getting a person with a name (instead of "Best regards, customer support team")?

Sometimes it helps to create a relationship or learn what exactly they want.

It's the same as in many banks - if you try to go through the official way, they will respond with their nonsense but once you know someone there, everything that was impossible before is solved immediately.


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Sometimes it helps to create a relationship or learn what exactly they want.
What do you mean?

I have troubles to give them my documents to they don't accept my passport!

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