PCI Non-compliance fines starting now?

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Anyone heard about the MasterCard non-compliance fines?

For level 3 merchants (20k transactions/year), Mastercard has apparently announced $150k/year in fines.

Gucci Sues Credit Processing Cos. Over Knock Offs - Lifestyle - Javno

Gucci Sues Credit Processing Cos. Over Knock Offs - Lifestyle - Javno

I have heard of some merchant account providers applying nuisance fines of $49/month or something, but now Mastercard is saying $10k, $20k, $40k, and then $80k per quarter.

MasterCard Becomes The First Card Brand To Publish PCI Fines
MasterCard has become the first card brand to publish its PCI fines and related requirements, a move that could be the latest signal that MasterCard wants to step out of the PCI shadow of its larger rival, Visa. The dollars themselves do not reflect a radical change, although they do include some
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This has been well known by merchants for some years now, it is good to see that Mastercard is somehow doing something now and not just put up rules and regulations and leave it by that.


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Good news that something is done now.... with all the problems with hacked servers and so on in the last few months it is time that someone takes action.