People that actually retired with mid-high sum of money, what do you do all day?

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And how do people calculate this 75% vs 50%, why not 69%? Women are "weaker" by nature and they will naturally be earning less and contributing less. I know there are exceptions where woman earn more or countries which discriminate female workers less than another. From my point of view wives should not be forced to work to make a living, unless they want to. If they want to stay and take care of home, shopping, cooking, kids etc. then how to value such contribution? Is it 13% or maybe 38%? Or is it priceless because both are working to make the (business) family running?


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Well, you are of course correct on some points, but your key admission is "I know there are exceptions" and this forum isn't the place to judge my particular situation (e.g. who brought what to the marriage, who made what contributions during it, etc) so let us just leave it there. All I will say is that the lesson here is that if you build up wealth or are going to retire early, just be careful of people, even the ones you think you know best. I know of many situations where family members and people have ripped off other family members. My ex-wife's uncle ripped off her father's (i.e. his brother's) due third of inheritance from her grandparents (i.e. their parents) using a dodgy lawyer .... so it seems the family has "good values" to start with ... and at the end of the day, the money isn't as important and the children, and let me be clear that my ex-wife prioritised her good life and finances over my connection to the children as a father, and fhat is unforgivable for me: my children are everything to me.


People here that managed to accumulate significant sum (3-4 m$) and can now live on the interest from that money.
What do you do all day?

Many people here create businesses and live stressful lives now because they hope to one day retire. want to hear what on the other side.
A bunch of hookers and cocaine.

Ok, jokes aside, I'm not retired per se, But I'm not actively managing nor am I running the day to day operations of my companies anymore, I do regular meetings with the managers/directors every now and then, but that's about it.

But I'm not laying around on a beach doing nothing either.

what I'm doing right now in my "Retirement" if you wanna call it that :), is actively investing in startups and projects that brings value, and this value doesn't have to be monetarily.

I have enough assets that could last for generations to come, so I'm not worrying about money, but I'm not actively managing it either, because it's boring. I like numbers don't get me wrong, but the stress that comes with managing my assets is not worth it for me anymore, I let others handle that.

where I get my hands dirty is as I said before in emerging markets, frontier markets whatever you call it. I like to invest in strategic investments like infrastructure, Education, healthcare..etc where investing in these industries grants you huge power without the need to be a politician, and when it comes to politicians, there is a mutual understanding between us, I help them in certain aspects, they help me in another ones.

I like to heavily invest in agrotech industries, biomedical companies, mental health companies (specially medical companies that focus on psychedelics)...etc. and I'm also focusing on financing local businesses in certain areas and provide them with the tools that they need to grow.

when it comes to hobbies, I read and i write ... alot, I do lots of outdoor activities too, and I like doing charitable works, whether it's building a school, a well in south Sudan or feeding kids, it's great feeling and it gives you the sense of fulfillment that no any other work could give you.

Overall, life is good and I can't really complain about a lot, I was able to do that because of the money I saved from the government tax mafia (or let's just say I did a lot of tax planning to be more PC lol), and if it weren't for that, a lot of projects that I've dreamt of doing wouldn't be anything more than that - a dream.

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