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Please share Bahamas residency options for a Canadian


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Apr 17, 2020
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Hey Guys,

I am evaluating Bahamas for long term residency (including tax residency). I am visiting Nassau later this fall but have some questions about the residency options if I do like it there. I did live in Florida for over 5 years and liked it, so is Nassau is similar, it could be a great option for me.

I have a budget of about $800k-$1m to invest in a property there. But my business partner (also a Canadian) has a smaller budget of about $200k for property purchase. What would be the best way for us both to get our separate residencies in the Bahamas?

1. I see that a Canadian can spend 8 months at a time in the Bahamas. Does that mean that you can do a visa run (to say Miami) and get a fresh 8 month extension at the end of your 8 months? Any practical experience with this?

2. I also see a Home Owner's Card option, where regardless of the value of the property, you can have a 1 year renewable residency. Would this work for my partner, who is investing a smaller amount in property?

3. For me specifically, because I am willing to spend more than $750k, does the permanent residency option open up? Is that amount $750k minimum?

4. Whatever option we use, as long as we spend about 183 days in the Bahamas in a given year, we become tax residents there, correct?

Please share any insight you have about Bahamas residency, keeping in mind that I am a Canadian. Thanks!
Why don't you both invest in the same property to cover both of you for residency status? I don't remember the minimum required amount for the property value of the property you must purchase, I think it's $500,000. You'll also be liable to a yearly property tax, which may not be "enforced" in that country, at least not until you decide to sell or lease the property.

The Bahamas isn't just one island, there are many others you may prefer. What's your criteria?

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