Possibilities of food processing offshore business!

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One of my friend asked me about the possibilities of forming a small offshore company to sell milk products, sweets, honey,Rasgoola and other processed foods in Europe.Presently his firm is exporting all these milk products to Gulf countries.He is earning quite handsomely and wants to expand his business to Europe.So friends, which country of Europe will be the best to start the above business? will it be easy for him to form an offshore company in Europe?


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Well it is easy to establish an offshore business anywhere in Europe. The problem is that unlike gulf European countries have established and well developed milk production system. Recently the milk farmers in Europe have complained about the low profit I am not sure such adventure in Europe would be highly profitable considering the fact that there are too many competitors for low profits.


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I am not an expert but what the studies show I am going to put down over here. Europe faces milk crises quite frequently because of some or the other reason, so there are bright chances of setting up a offshore company to sell milk products.


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Well I do not see your bright chances for selling milk in Europe at all.

The European market has very hard restrictions for food importing into it.

For example you are not allowed to bring any milk or meat products into the European market without having a permission for it. There are only a few companies, which have such a permission and these permission are often only given for products like ostrich or kangaroo meat, which is not produced in Europe.


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I don't think its a good idea to selling milk in Europe as you will have to face a lot of competition from well established and trusted companies there. Also you have to take prior permission for it and the authorities are really strict about it as its a health product. I advice you to try gulf market for this sort of business.


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Unless there is something really special about the milk, honey, sweets, etc., that your friend sells, I think it will be a waste of time. Europeans have so much access to products like milk that it makes it a difficult market to penetrate from the outside.

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