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  1. challenge

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    I would like to hear some experiences about the place, the tax system, rent market, if renting a studio in monaco but renting also a villa in La Turbie (France) to live there will cause troubles with france authorities, how do you handle the worldwide income/internatinal companies, do they check how many days you spend there etc

    Is it really worth or there are better solutions? what international company setup is preferred with a tax residency in Monaco?

    Is it all good as it seems?

    I admit I love the French Riviera and the mediterranean climate.

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    Most often they only check if the tax office take you out for a check! So you will need to have bills from gas stations, hotels etc. to proof that you have been outside of the country and you haven't stayed there for more than the 180 days!
  3. Chris Rogers

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    There are also "tricks" how the authorities trying to check if you really live in Monaco. For example they're looking for utility bills like electric&water consumptions, cleaning services, garage for your apartman using etc..
    You can also find a companies which "forget" to set lights off after cleaning your apartman, fill the bathtub twice a month etc..
    Its not to easy to "live" in Monaco without living there...
  4. blizz

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    Can't you produce the required documents somehow? I know most of them are rich people but there must be someone that is for sale :D
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    I hate that place, cameras everywhere, checking everybody, if you're not a billionnaire don't waste your time overthere
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    never been there but sounds like most parts of Europe and not to forget the USA!
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  7. challenge

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    I'm still seriously thinking about it. But it would be for 2020 not before.
    I don't care about the posh people, don't like casinos, don't like fake babes... not really into the "showing off" life.

    When bored would take the car/motorcycle to the alps... when bored of alps, would go to cote d'azur beaches.
    If bored of that and just want a pizza... 20 minutes trip to italy and get the real deal.
    In a real rush to take a flight? take the 7 minutes helicopter trip to Nice airport...

    Add that to the whole tax thing.
    That's why it's tempting.

    (there are "cheap" apartments just to have the residency there... not sure I would like to live in those overpriced "5m by 5m shitholes"...)
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