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Problems receiving account authoritization email from

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Is there anyone else that has problems to receive e-mails from and the authorization code?

The last 24 hours I have tried to login to my account, the usual screen shows up:

but I don't receive the e-mail, normally I receive it without troubles, it is on my iPhone, and I whitelisted their mails but nothing is received.

On the other hand, I receive their receipt of my support ticket I send them as well as the answer.

The answer is the typically standard e-mail, check your spam blah blah blah..

What can I do?


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What email provider are you using? I haven't had issues with blockchain, but Digital Ocean to Protonmail never seems to work for me.


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I use my ipone with the / mail that has been working fine, never had issues also not with spam filter settings they all came fine in.


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I have exact same problem. I can't get the authorisation code from blockchain to my mail, change it to gmail or other and it works.

The mobile app does not require e-mail autho. if you use facekey.


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I wrote their support to tell them that no e-mails work, the only answer I get, they don't have such problems!

The spamfilter does not contain any spam mails from them nor does a whitelist helps.

The same goes for their SMS service which not has been working for years:(


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Does it work for you? I have sorted my email issue out and receive all of them.
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