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I see Comoros. I close window.

Just look at this web page: Open An Account

Business or Personal Banking
Cryptocurrency Bank Account
Numbered Bank Account
Very powerful Tax Havens Banking Secrecy!
Only A Passport is required For opening a Personal Account with the Bank
Only A Passport and Company Incorporation Documents is paramount for opening a business account
Bank References are not needed
NO Background Check
NO Personal References Required
NO Reporting Requirements
NO Personal Visit Required
Deposit has no limit – Amount or Quantity
NO Taxation
All day Internet Banking Through any Computer or Mobile Phone online
Global Wire Payments can be done through Swift-/BIC code and IBAN
Access to capable Tested key Telex / Telegraphic Key Note (KTT – Telex)
Receive in/out Tested Telex / Telegraphic Key Note (KTT – Telex) Funds Transfer
Inbound KTT Telex & Outbound Swift / Inbound Swift & Outbound KTT Telex Capability
Accounts Currency are available In EUR, Pound Sterling and USD
Non-FATCA Bank
Not an OECD member
No CRS Reporting
Easy to Set Up, Use and Operate
Approval Guaranteed!
$/€ 1000 Account Minimum Balance

It's clownish marketing fluff aimed at gullible people and/or people who are hoping to launder money/evade taxes. Imagine if an actual bank wrote things like that. They'd probably have their license revoked or at the very least get slapped with massive penalties.
as @Sols Said, run away.

There are other legitimate banks in far more reputable jurisdictions who are flexible enough and can accommodate your needs if you were honest with them from the start.

I don't know what business you are in that will let you go bank with a bank which has an extremely shady network of correspondent banking. they are terrible in every regard!
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I think the funnier part is the 25K price for account opening - in each individual currency, and the fact that they are apparently registered inside of their regulator (just like any other Moheli bank). The representative office being just their name and not an address is also a little strange.

But, well, each to their own. Maybe one is lucky enough to get an EMI account or an account in Prominence's name after paying that fee. Or maybe lucky enough to not get ghosted by them after sending over 25K..

Who knows - after all, even Société Bancaire Fiduciaire Privée Bank/CGBanque/all those others, got banked (for themselves to receive opening fees + correspondent accounts also) at the KBH Andelskasse (lol) and Raifeissen and did have some ability to issue accounts for the customers.

It's not a bank that I would go for though. Comoros are pretty toxic, this isn't a real regulator. Check out my other post about "Comorian" institutions if you're curious.
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