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Pros of Cyprus Company Formation


Cyprus Company Formation
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Dec 30, 2008
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When everything is said and done according to the structure and rules governing the institution of offshore business, Cyprus Company Formation can prove to be an efficient and effective avenue through which you can operate global trade. It’s therefore, imperative that you consider the benefits as well as let downs ...

The pros of forming a Cyprus company has so many advantages.The corporate tax is 10%,which looks very attractive.Shipping Companies sailing under Cyprus national flag pays zero tax on profit and dividend. The overall business atmosphere is conducive and encouraging.The salaried employees are not needed to file income tax return if salary is the only source of income.Yes there are also some difficulties in tax such as payment of defense tax and high Capital gain tax too
Admit with you jb100... further to the tax issues, if you just have a director as foreigner for the company you won't pay any tax... thats one of the major benefits of having a Cyprus company beeing a non resident of Cyprus..

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