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May 25, 2023
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Crypto has given retail masses the ability to invest in early-stage projects disrupting and democratizing the powerful VC power law mechanic.
What if we transformed those lessons into another industry to create a new investment vehicle?
Most milioners in history were made from real estate.

I was mainly thinking about emerging markets with high growth Portugal, Romania but mainly Poland;
- The high influx of Ukrainians running from war(1.5mil since Feb 2022) made buying/renting a house or apartment a nightmare.
I spoke to a few real estate agents, one of em said that in 2021 he simultaneously managed about 15 apartments, now it's about 3 and he doesn't need more because people are taking whatever is available.
- One of the fastest growing economies with a lot of newly rich young people wanting to buy a first house/flat
- I already have a network of people there who could help me with this project.

If I were to create an organization with governance token. Organizations could choose the percentage of profits generated that would go into buying back the tokens and burning them.
I know the people who could handle the logistic side of business: buying ground/property, and building units. What country would be the best to set up the LLC? What would you require as a potential investor from that LLC for you to be comfortable investing in it?
For me something like this would instantly smell fraud if I wasn’t the one starting the project myself as there is so many ways the running party could take the money off the LLC but lbh, it could happen in any other org, just look at what WeWork founder is doing.
How would you go about setting up the legal infrastructure? The company would issue, sell and buy the token so no license would be necessary(?).

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