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Real estate in Montenegro

Real estate sectors as well as banking sectors are quite dirty markets.
Despite all AML, KYC and another things which must show at facade that they are clean. And those people do much much worse things than selling real estate for crypto ;)

It's a only matter of meet right people in that country who will know workarounds and serve for this kind of transaction for you personally.
And note that you do not resident of country, they don't know you and for sure don't want to get a problems because of you, so one of tasks to convince that you are safe to work.
For sure you will not get in SPA(in most cases) information that transaction are based in crypto.
Contract should follow all local laws and regulations.
Thus, the real payment of cryptocurrency for real estate will be hidden behind an agreement with payment in cash, bank payment from a 3rd party, sale of the company owning the real estate, etc. But in fact you will pay crypto and get ownership in one or another way for the property.
How to solve the problem of trust? Where is the crypto until I see my name in land registry? The notary guy is out of the question.
How to solve the problem of trust? Where is the crypto until I see my name in land registry? The notary guy is out of the question.
If you are going to purchase with crypto you need to accept certain risks depend on the process. It's a just one of downsides of crypto deals.
You could negotiate it with counterparty, like a use 3rd party escrow service, etc, but changing of the process could be rejected.
That's why it's on your side to got knowledge of possible issues with country(laws), developer, agent, process, property itself and decide if it acceptable for you or no.

Personally I had rejected number of crypto deals\offers with suitable properties because possible risks was too high for me. However market full enough to find what you are looking for with acceptable process.
What did you end up deciding out of curiosity? I am also considering real estate with crypto, and I saw Portugal can offer that as well. Did you look at Porto or Lisbon. I agree with the above as for my first investments, after literally visiting more than 20 flats across many Asian markets, I went back to "boring" Paris/London.
PS: Some developers in Cyprus also accept crypto, but I am skipping anything "south of the Mediterranean" as I believe the climate outlook is very negative, and I am buying for the next 20-30 years...
Nothing yet. But in any case, I’ll probably give up Montenegro
Nothing yet. But in any case, I’ll probably give up Montenegro
These guys told me that they accept crypto, that's how they sell to Chinese and Vietnamese moving to the island. You will buy directly from the developer/company, so hopefully lower risk to be scammed...
In this country, you can currently buy real estate with cryptocurrency. The choice is huge, from inexpensive studios in resort towns like Budva up to 100k, and estates for 500k and above. How interesting do you think this idea is? Buying real estate there for cryptocurrency for the purpose of short-term seasonal or long-term rental. Prices have not yet increased significantly. When Montenegro joins the European Union, and this will happen sooner or later, prices will go up. Perhaps someone has an apartment there that you are renting through an agency? I would be satisfied with a stable 4% per annum with the prospect of an increase in the property's price.
The Montenegro trade has been quite well-known now for a couple of years. Property prices might very well increase... but this is large dependent on regulatory stability. Just vacationers won't pump the price enough. You need people moving there and living there and an absence of property taxes. They will likely build way more there over the coming years, with not a lot of regulations holding them back. The political environment itself is definitely very risky. A proven pirate nest is more attractive in my opinion. For what you want, I would say Malta is good. Yes, very overpriced, but the country is set-up in a way that will make it close to impossible for prices to go down given the massive attraction it has become to people from SE Asia / India / Serbia / Georgia / Ukraine / Bulgaria due to their insanely lax immigration "laws" (there are laws, but there is zero enforcement).

I would personally not see Montenegro become an immigration hub ever, it's simply too weird of a nation for that. A risky play for 4% returns, that's for sure, unless you want to go there on vacation yourself.