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Recommended Crypto visa/mastercards with little to no reportings


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Nov 13, 2019
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Since advcash.com mastercards are still down after almost a month I am searching for a new provider.

Which of following crypto cards do you guys consider the safest with having your personal details/transactions/statements not so easily disclosed to your government?
Any personal recommendations in regards of above?
Cards will never be used in any ATM. Only physical stores in the country of my residence or online shopping. Card will also be loaded by Cryptos only.

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OKSE was created by Tobias Graf, if memory serves he was involved in a number of high profile ponzi schemes, bitdepository, moonberg etc and utilised the funds to build that, he also impacted US, German Citizens hence living in UAE as there's indictments or so i hear against him.

Quick Google: Moonberg Review: Mooncoin Ponzi token investment fraud,
Wow! Thanks for calling this out! You saved me a lot of headaches. ;)
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I don't see an option for topping up using crypto. Is your menu the same as mine?
Account in UAE doesn't have load crypto via binance now.

But other countries Account have this feature.

You can sell usdt on binance p2p to load, rate even better than load directly via binance

Or you can open 1 more accounts in another country if you have other country phone number

Then you can remove bunq from your list. Their card is in EUR and you are unable to load it with crypto, only fiat.
Actually from a purely non-reporting process, i'd imagine EUR would be the safest route for those that want privacy, the AML though would be pretty strong.

The US on the other hand $ wise would be weak AML and high privacy (just my thoughts observing the sheer volume of laundering happening with the $ through US $ banks).
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I primarily relied on AdvCash for ATM withdrawals due to its higher withdrawal limit (500€ per day) and less reporting requirements. However, I'm now seeking advice on alternative cards and ATM withdrawal options that offer similar benefits with less reporting hassle. Can you recommend any options available nowadays?
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