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Register Cyprus company how long it takes?

In total it takes up to 14 business days to have the company duly incorporated and the corporate documents available with Apostille.

After the 14 business days we will courier the documents to you by Fedex / DHL to an address advised by you.
Additional 10 business days depending very much on when we will receive the required documents and of course the work load of the bank, we can't guarantee this time fram from time to time it takes up to 30 days.

You can open the account with several banks ie USB bank, BoC etc.
Our took almost 5 weeks :( In the beginning we though it would be a scam but thanksfully we were wrong and they delivered everything required, now we are happy customers :)
Good to see that you figured out that we are not a scam as some try to let it look like :D Sometimes delays occor and most often because of a major work load with the authorities or because of a communication breach between the client and us, we are all only humans who make mistakes.
Just wanted to tell everyone that we had a great experience with CCLOGIC and their team:thumbsUp: Our company structure is put in place and works as our local consultants expected.

Cheers :tongue:
Perfect, me too :hello: Im working tight with them to get my company incorporated and sorted things out for a perfectly fine result to kick start our new business once everything is ready.

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