Important! Requirements to start a conversation!

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Below are the requirements to be able to start a conversation!

NOTE! If you can't PM / start a conversation and you post one of the following on your wall or in any post / thread you make. You will get one warning after that, you get banned right a way.

What you can't post on your own or other users wall:
  • e-mail address
  • skype or any similar contact name
  • website url

What you are allowed to post on your own or other users wall:
  • Please contact me!
  • How you feel
  • and anything that does not is considered advertising, contact details or in any other way has an commercial hint.

Here are the requirement to get prmoted to the next user level:
  • You need to make at least 250 high quality posts or threads
  • You have received at least 10 likes
  • You got at least 2 trophy points
  • You have been registered for at least 42 days

If you make posts like: Thank you, very useful, nice info or what else you can think about that does not really contribute to the thread it will not be counted.

If you make replies to each user with a new post (has been seen a few times) this will not be counted and if we find it they will be collapsed and you get a warning point.

What can I do if I want to start a conversation right away?
You can upgrade your account to Mentor Group or VIP / Premium Member using the link below:

Why have you made it so complicated to PM/start a conversation?
Very simple, we are not here to provide a free platform for service providers, spammers and other with commercial interest. We are here to provide a service to users interested in the topics and that engage to help people or get help from others.

There are plenty of low live forums around that will allow you to spam, PM, advertise right away from your first signup, please use such forums, OCT is not for you then!
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hannibal the cannibal
Let's hope it helps people understand why we are here :)


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