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Not that I know of, the last update was a form that the liquidators posted on the bank website. The form is to be filled out and submitted by creditors and depositors
However, it doesn't mean anything about the time frame and/or how long it will take and how much of our funds we will eventually get.
It doesn't look good as they (LBL) have lawsuits pending in the U.S. and till this will get resolved the liquidators won't move to address our claims.
There must be some legal action that we can take as whole group against them

Mark Rucken

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The only positive thing about this is that Deloitte is acting as a liquidator, so I am secretly hoping we will manage to get our blocked funds. No news so far, this could take a few ... years :(

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I got an email from the liquidator / Deloitte a few days ago responding to my questions and they said there would be news in the next few weeks.

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