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  1. brianK

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    People should always go with a reliable bank - I feel sorry for people lost money here hope they find a new home for their money and business!
  2. Mark Rucken

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    Same here, looks like Private messages are not allowed, I am not sure how to exchange email address with you guys.
  3. marder

    marder New Member

    Had some money in Loyal, I was doubting a few months ago about their reliability, thanks to this forum I got everything out on time... thanks again for this group
  4. eBroncos

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    Please send me an email to [email protected]
    Rest of account holders who are interested in joining forces in this case, please email me as well.
  5. eBroncos

    eBroncos New Member

    When did you manage to get your money out and was it via outgoing bank wire?
  6. Nyep

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    @Admin I think you should consider allowing private messages to help these people organize. That would be a good gesture. Perhaps allow it after posting one approved post?
  7. marder

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    @eBroncos I got it out in june. Yes, after insisting for weeks for the outgoing transfer......real hot !!!!