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UK Ltd with emi bank account

Scam? Anyone tried this service?

Set up your Offshore Company in Seychelles
Just: Passport & Identity card, Consumption bill (unauthenticated)
We accept: Paypal | Credit card | Bitcoin
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I don't know them, but I found very interesting the fact they are based in Seychelles and they don't offer Seychelles as one of the jurisdictions they serve....


Don't know them. They are no especially cheap too. So you will be able to find more well known agents on Google or here with more reviews. ( There is a section here with agents and services provider ).
Good luck

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So they setup a Seychelles IBC to sell offshore companies. Always a good sign when you see on their homepage they work with Choice Bank, Loyal Bank and Reitumu Bank. ns2

I doubt they are based in Seychelles....more realistically eastern europe in a soviet era apartment operating from a carded laptop while working full time in a backstreet garage repairing old audi's. :(

Miller and Barker Consultation IBC.
Unit 117, Orion Mall, Palm Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles +44 127 429 82 82
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Hi there

I stumbled on this site from facebook ads and I am very curious if this service is real or not couldn't find anything on google

Miller & Barker - Offshore Company Formation with Bank Account

Anyone knows them or did business with them?

Looks too fishy after doing some research on them and found the following:

- Domain name is 286 Days old and the website is too recent for them to brag about so many years of experience in the field.
- Owner seems to be in Africa
- Server location is in Europe
- Located in a mall with more offices than shops
- Contact number is from the UK
- Right from the start offering 20% off to attract clients

An advice, stay away from them.
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