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FOR SALE Selling company with payment license(Payment Service Provider)


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Aug 14, 2023
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-Country of registration:Kazakhstan
-Date of registration:2021
-2 contracts signed with acquiring banks in Kazakhstan
-Agreement with acquiring banks to service high risk traffic (gambling/betting)
-Authorization in USD/EUR is available
-Cost of authorization 3.5%
-There is a developed scheme for entering trade turnover in USDT

Company Price:120.000 USD
Thread Approved! Thank you for submitting your marketplace thread.

The seller has confirmed that this is a private sale and there is only this one company. We have made no DD or KYC check on the seller nor the company.

The seller confirmed to have read and understand the rules for the Marketplace forums:

All private sellers with or without account upgrade can submit a marketplace thread as long as it is a private / individual sale.
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