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Setup of an Trusts as the top Holding company!


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Jan 2, 2009
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I have been told to setup a offshore trust as the top of my offshore company structure.

A Trusts is an not legal bound vehicle which is not subject to the laws in a certain country where you live (applies also for the EU)- means that no court order or law can access any assets or equity this Trusts migh have and this legal. Further you don't need to worry to report any annual reports or paying tax at all since Trusts are subject to 0% tax. A trust can register a offshore company from where the main activities are conducted.

So, now my question, do you Guy's believe that this is the ultimate company structure? Where can a trusts be setup, which country to gain the maximum security?
Well, it is true, setup a Trust will give you the ultimate protection and also let you be agile in the way you want to establish your future company structure.

A trust can be established in several offshore jurisdictions like Cyprus, Belize, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands and many other places. Our please forum owner is able to help you with this, if interested ;)
your welcome, it isn't any expansive any longer, you can ask the forum owners they are able to help you and also give you a quote!

I don't think Curacao or Panama is more safe it all comes down to how you setup the trust and who is going to perform this task.

Btw. which business are you into?

FYI: You won't get this setup for less then EUR 5.000! just so you know, I speak out of expirience :)
Well, selling replica isn't any problem in regards to the bank account or business setup, you might ran into troubles if you need a merchant account but this is a different story.

The turnaround time was 1 month for us, today it is worth every cent spent on this and also it was worth to take the time needed...
If you are going to setup a trust, who will be the owner of the Trust and will I still have the power to act on behalf of the trust? Also can I trust the people which are managing my trust? :D
The ownership will not change if you setup the trust it is you that own it, it is only the control of the trust which need to be outlined in a document so that the trustee knows what he should do and has to do in certain circumstance!
Okay, so what you are saying is, that I won't have any control to act on behalf of the Trust... how can I make sure that I can get my assets if I need them and how can I register a company in the name of the Trust then?
All those are regulated by a legal document which in cooperation with you will outline how to act on behalf of the company; you can at any time make changes to it or amendments.
ahh, I see. Now I already have a offshore company, can the ownership of this company be transfered to the Trust without to pay any Tax, I got my company registered in Cyprus for a few months ago?
Yes it is some important stuff if you plan an anonymous and tax free setup of your offshore company structure.

Also, nice to know that we can move our existing companies into the Trust.

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