Seychelles company accounting records

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  1. Green

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    Seychelles formation agent showed:
    What about the filing of accounts?

    No accounts need to be filed but accounting records must be maintained.

    A Seychelles requires accounting records to be maintained.
    Do you have a software specifying this case?
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    Forget about it, there is no one that will ask you ever for this.
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  3. diablo

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    Accounting is not necessary for a Seychelles company. You simply can forget about it. I have never had troubles with any authorities nor the agent in regards to this, in fact, I never heard from anyone that has requested this information yet.
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  4. Green

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    Thanks for the answers.

    However, I think I would still be willing to follow the law.
    Would you suggest any free accounting software? I need a free and easy one to do the accounting.
    I searched wave, but its payroll is only available for companies registered in Canada and US.

    Moreover, I registered Freenom as my official website, and I need a free or less pay domain email address.
    It has to be set up easily since I am not a technical background person.
    Do you suggest anyone and have a easy instruction not mentioning too much about technical?
    I expect my official email is like "[email protected]"

    Zoho doesn't support Freenom. Yandex needs some technical knowledge.
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    Follow the law by doing accounting for the Seychelles corp? well it's a waste of time unless you have an auditor / tax consulting firm to do the final approval.

    Or what's the reason for doing accounting?
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  6. Dev Nul

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    If the bank account of Seychelles company is in another country such as UAE, what kind of information will the bank account ask for regarding the source of funds, and what are some good services or methods to provide such information without getting in trouble.

    Assuming the source of funds is liquidation of bitcoins made via trading, mining, etc. over the years.

    Assuming non US, non EU citizen and the CRS/AIEO problem is figured out already.
  7. negon

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    They will report to the country of the beneficial owner and not where the company is registered.
  8. Stefano3323

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    For accounting in Seychelles everybody is right. I use a simple google sheet (there are template already made) just to keep track of what is happening in the company.

    For the business email you can even use a Google Business account and you are set, cheaper than that I think bluehost which gives you the host for your website as well and 5 company emails with the starting plan.

    Regarding the source of funds if the trade are made by you they will check with your country of residence to check everything is in order. Probably if you have a business account i.e. on Kraken, you should be able to cash out as business and therefore show that as pure business profit.