Seychelles company + Cyprus Bank + Paypal and 2CO

Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by KateTemple, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. auric

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    You hit the nail on the head :D
  2. superman

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    I know what you mean and yes a one stop broker can be helpful... i personally have more problem with the jurisdiction... but if someone can go this way well, but often I see people coming into trouble because followed this way... i know your "service" and yes if such setup does for someone then ok this is the only way i could understand or if someone live in a 3rd world country where he can make business with such offshore setup nowdays...
  3. auric

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    OH well, you don't even know how many actually work with such setups such way.. there are thousand of people which relay on such setups for their businesses.
  4. amr00t

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    @auric check PM
  5. icecold

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    I got all setup by @auric, was a pleasure and I don't care about a middleman as long as things get done. I approach one of the agents mentioned in this thread they suck crock balls with all their shitty DD and KYZ requirements. I had to complete a 5 sheet questionnaire with one of them which they didn't told me before I paid!

    With @auric I paid some more but had not to worry about all of this. My setup works still great after 6 months!
  6. auric

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    I did not get anything, as far as I see you can't even PM :D
  7. gambleforliving

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    Unfortunately there is a flaw in your plan. 2Checkout doesn't take Seychelles companies anymore and there are almost no other Payment Gateways that do work with Seychelles companies.
  8. diablo

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    You need to switch to St. Kitts Company in order to use 2checkout :)