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Sites to suit your mood?


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Apr 15, 2009
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What types of sites mostly satisfy your mood? My hunt generally begins with some fitness-related sites and ends with some great sites for movie buffs. What about you?
When I find a good Online earning site like ciao.com(now closed) ,I get excited and my mood is changed.I always search a site that is filled with new information on spiritualism and humanism.Then try to look out for an up to date site with technological advancements.Of course I like musical websites too.
Sites to suit your mood?

guys ,

lately i've been through so many moods..depressed,flirty,sad,happy..etc etc..but whenever i turn on the comp and play some music its always not matchy..so if u know can u tell me a good site that offers good playlists that matches different moods? I relly need this guys please hlp with this.. :)

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