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  1. Green

    Green Active Member

    Hi, all,

    Does anyone here use Skrill business account for offshore company business?

    I have written and made phone call to Skrill, and I would like to have more info on mind before Skrill's replying.

    Q1. Does Skrill business account is ok with Seychelles offshore company?

    Q2. What are the required documents to open the Skrill business account?

    Q3. The fee and regulation if SWIFT transaction around the world?

    Q4. The limit of transfer per day/week/month?

    Q5. Where can I get more info for business account at Skrill website or other forums?

    Q6. Any direct line once you are Skrill business account user?

    Q7. Have you encountered any problem of SWIFT transferring from and to Skrill business acount?

    Q8. Others (If there are issues I should notice)

    Thank you all, and hope I could collect some info here.

    Nice weekend!


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  2. void

    void Trusted Member Business Angel

    I can't answer any of your questions but wish you good luck - last time I asked for an offer of conditions for business account it took 1 month and was crazy expensive. Keep us updated.
  3. Green

    Green Active Member

    Hi, Void,

    Please let me know what Skrill replied you.

    I just got an email regarding the phone call,but just a brief sentence saying the page I should go to. It didnt answer my question.

    I have cost concern, and I cant afford expensive fee.

    Why Skrill doesnt show much info related to business account at the webpage?

    Any other method like Skrill I could use for Seychelles company?

    I google okpay, and saw some forum showing complaints about it.

    Or is it possible I could transfer money from Mistertango corporate bank account to Skrill personal bank account?
    Are they both in SEPA?

    Why makes the flow so troublesome?
  4. 1nomad

    1nomad Active Member

    try Paysera
  5. Green

    Green Active Member

    paysera doesnt support Seychelles
  6. blizz

    blizz Trusted Member Mentor Group Business Angel

    I have a business account since 2006 however, I don't really use it. But from time to time I do and it works fine. Had no problems with it.
  7. 1nomad

    1nomad Active Member

    I have Paysera account for Seychelles company and using IBAN/SWIFT transfers without any problem
  8. Green

    Green Active Member

    Hi, blizz,

    Are you talking about Skrill business account?
  9. Green

    Green Active Member

    Hi, 1nomad,

    Are you sure?
    I got an email from paysera saying they don't support company registered in Seychelles
  10. diablo

    diablo Banned User Business Angel BANNED MEMBER

    That sounds true. I believe many have started to block Seychelles and St. Kitts leave Belize and EU offshore corps. to be used for this purpose.
  11. 1nomad

    1nomad Active Member

    yes, I have it since 2015. first you have to open personal account, then business account.
  12. aplusbangla

    aplusbangla Building Trust Entrepreneur

    how to open an Seychelles offshore company?
  13. blueweb

    blueweb Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    very simple you find a agent and order it, takes only 4 -5 business days or so. I have ordered all my corps here Seychelles Company Formation - get total privacy, we can help you

    however, this is not a thread about how to setup a Seychelles company but how to use a skrill business account!!
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  14. aplusbangla

    aplusbangla Building Trust Entrepreneur

    what is the benifit behind creating a Seychelles offshore company?
  15. blueweb

    blueweb Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    You asked I answered! :) I would go for a Belize company so you can avoid your name appear anywhere if I was you :)
  16. Green

    Green Active Member

    I am in big depression now about the bank account.
    Originally, I planed to use Leupay and checked with them it's ok for Seychelles company and their website showing they operate in my country. However, I paid the IBC fee, but I couldn't access Leupay app in my country.==>I hope it's not blocking my country location.
    I don't have extra money to buy a bank account or other expensive fee.

    I am waiting for Skrill's reply about this.

    paypal,paysera,payoneer,stripe=> no for various reasons.

    Mistertango is partly ok, but it charges monthly fee, and only in SEPA.==>its website shows Mistertango could link paypal.
    Can anyone clarify the flow? This is my guess below:
    Mistertango personal account--> business account--->transfer in SEPA to paypal personal account--->paypal personal account transfer to my home country bank account.

    Paypal is not ok for company registered in Seychelles because it requires you to have a Seychelles bank account there and possibly would use Seychelles currency (not sure).

    Can anyone have better suggestion on this? Otherwise, my Seychelles company would be nothing if there is no bank solution.
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  17. blizz

    blizz Trusted Member Mentor Group Business Angel

    any link to this ?

    Seychelles currency is USD as far as I learned!
  18. Green

    Green Active Member

    Could you let me know which Seychelles bank you use for offshore company?
    Does it not require minimum deposit or other monthly fee?
  19. David97255

    David97255 Banned User Business Angel BANNED MEMBER

    Use a VPN to access leupay.. don't understand what is the pro
  20. Green

    Green Active Member

    VPN can't solve the problem