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Snowy-pay UK IBAN Whitelabel


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Being Run by the same guys who ran Choice Bank, Belize. They offer u a UK IBAN & also Acquiring through their White-label for high risk. Once ur money is with them then you can kiss it goodbye:)))

FCA apparently is already aware of this scam operation so perhaps its on the verge of going down & having their EMD license cancelled.


FinTech Avenger
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In a matter of fact, EMD Agent status is not a license in any way. It means that those guys are acting on behalf of principal firm which provides white-label services to them - in their case it is PayrNet Limited, which ties to railsbank.com - reasonably reputable FinTech platform, which apparently powers, for example, Neat's (neat.hk) UK bank details.

My advice would be to try to resolve any disputes you may have with Snowy-Pay through the principal firm.
Mentor Group
Mentor Group