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Something you in no way should do with DIGG.com


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Jan 15, 2009
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Just followed a recommandation from some user at another forum which said you could push your articles submitted to digg.com by registering several accounts and click the digg it from each of them.

This took less than 2 hours and all accounts got banned and my IP too - :D

It didn't hurt me since I in anyway not got anything out of it, so I don't care.

So be warned and not do the same mistake ;)
Well gilmore, I found som good news about digg.com published on webpronews, it says something about people that do similar stuff and worth like you did :D

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Your little trick would have worked (probably) have you had a dial-up connection. You see, websites track the IP addresses of all site visitors. Every email address registered with a site is matched by an IP. That being said, dial-up connections give you a different IP every time you get online. So, if you had a different IP address when you registered different emails with Digg, you'd have been able to make it work.