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yes I do believe there are some spammers here.They are posting one line post with new threads and their response are just one or two lines while replying others.Even some members are posting links to their referral sites too.Needless to say these are violation of CCLOGIC terms.So I think every new or senior members should be well aware of this fact.
I believe that spammers are those who advertising something, once that they have posted their program then we couldn’t see anymore new posting from them.

I don’t think that those one liner sentences should be consider as spam. As long as they could provide some good answer to anyone’s query then I don’t think of them as spammers. Some spammers are creating a long thread but in the end, they are including their own site.
In most of the posts published here "one line reply" is meaning less and serves no purpose.I agree this one line response is not spam till it has relevance to the post and sub forum guidelines.But undoubtedly one can say , online threads or replies are posting for the sake of posting to increase numbers.So I think it is not a healthy practice for any dedicated and specialized forum like CCLOGIC.