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st kitts new passport where to open account

Banking in the Caribbean is meanwhile such a pain that even Dutch and British Oversea Territory Passport Holder setting up with us.

Someone would have assumed that at least the local Banks for the born locals like Republic Bank are more transactional however that's not the case and they struggle almost the same way like foreigners.
Sounds like there is a solid business case to open a modern EMI or e-banking platform there.
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Depends on the residence as someone mentioned here. Also if you kept your previous citizenship - it will be required by a bank and you should disclose it.
In terms of personal banking - try Private banks. If you have enough funds to afford an investment passport you surely can afford a private banking. CIM Banque starts with several thousands EUR, but again - everything depends on your residency and in many cases a source of funds.
Like, open account somewhere as a native of St. Kitts, receive income there, live in your home country of Germany-France-whatever and claim you don't have any income so no tax? The bank would report the account to St. Kitts... Well, it should work just until it does not - the bank may request your second passport at any moment, then all get reported back to Germany-France-whatever and they investigate you for evasion... Not sure if it is good long-term plan.
Same story as US bank closures after second passport citizenship by investment ? Someone is talking to the government bla-"!
All Caribbean citizenship information share the info with HLS, FBI, Treasury etc, it was enacted last year i think due to the sheer amount of criminal Chinese buying citizenship then doing business in the US etc or utilising $.

Basically making the citizenships worthless because the US obviously shares with it's partners.

Basically: Country citizenship, purchase Vanuatu then obtain residence somewhere and then citizenship.


Country Citizenship, purchase Carib then be hounded for ever by home country lol

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