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Steps to take to reduce risk of chargebacks


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Dec 29, 2020
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Just evaluating my options as I put together a web app that could be considered online gambling by some definitions. I am already evaluating high risk payment processors and understand that chargebacks can be a serious problem. Does anyone have any experience mitigating this risk? For example :

- Withholding payouts X number of days to reduce the risk of over paying a payout before/after a chargeback complaint is submitted by one or more users?
- Any agreement or terms similar to a digital signature as one would expect when paying for the bill at a restaurant?
- Do all high risk merchant services have similar policies?

Any advice, insight or experience is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
- Do all high risk merchant services have similar policies?
all the same, if you have a unlicensed business you want to have a look into this thread

You need mentor group gold access - the processors mentioned there can do magic but you pay for it.

It is not possible to avoid a chargeback, sooner or later one will hit you and it's game over. 3DS will help you at some point but not at all on long term.

This is a hit and hide game, means you will need lot's of merchant accounts.
here are some tips on how to mitigate chargeback risk for your gambling site:

  • Use a high-risk payment processor. High-risk payment processors specialize in processing payments for businesses that are considered to be at a higher risk of fraud, such as online gambling sites. They have the experience and expertise to help you reduce your chargeback rate.
  • Implement strong fraud prevention measures.

  • This includes things like:
    • Requiring strong passwords and two-factor authentication.
    • Using identity verification services.
    • Monitoring user behavior for suspicious activity.
I hope this helps, thanks!

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