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Sticky & Promotion Thread - Simple Rules for Posters!

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Dec 29, 2008
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Don't post if you are not a buyer.
It's simple if you have never used a service you can't comment on how it works / how effective it is. We ask all thread creators to report any unreasonable posts to a mod where they will be reviewed. If you are found to be using this service unreasonably you will be banned.

Avoid being Scammed online.
1. If a user doesn't have a sales thread approved by a MOD and it is market as “advertising” - don't buy. Report the thread.
2. Don't buy from anyone who started off by saying 'PM me for details', there is a reason they don't want to make their details public.
3. If something seems too good to be true - it is.
4. Exercise extreme caution when clicking on signature links where the poster doesn't have an approved “Advertising” thread!
5. Always make sure your payment method can be reversed if the service/product provider flakes. Don't send as a PayPal personal payment, don't western union and avoid Bitcoins if you are not sure about the service.
6. Document and store ALL communications, including chat/IM logs
7. Always Google for the sellers e-mail address and any other information, they may have scammed other forums.
8. Stay away from threads/pm's/signatures that promote illegal services and make proper due diligence before working with anyone.
9. Check sellers other posts and threads, checking if others have complained, and how previous customers have rated and reviewed them.
10. Even if the user has an approved “Advertising” thread, ensure that you check them out fully, sellers can provide excellent review services and then become flaky.
11. Always get full contact information - don't do your business via PM. It's too easy for internet users to drop off the board when things go pear-shaped.
12. Be VERY paranoid regarding drop shipping, double check all of the above points when considering a product seller.
13. Just because someone has status, a high post count, or a good reputation, does not guarantee that they will not turn rogue or resort to desperate measures, apply the above regardless of status on OffshoreCorpTalk
Not open for further replies.

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