Sugestion for the anonimity of the forum and users.


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Hello admin

Please add an TOR hidden service to the forum.
It's free and you can find info on that here: Tor: Onion Service Protocol
Such a setup will permit anonymous access (no IP) to users.
Beside that in case that in the future the government will try to shut down your site or domain name on clearnet, you and the users of the forum can regroup to the onion address (darknet) that cannot be closed or hijacked (if you keep safe the private key) and the server can have a secret geographical location.

I can provide technical support for this.


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No sync. No modification to any of the web pages is needed.

What you need is:
1. Installation of TOR software on the web server where the site is hosted.
2. Firewall setup for TOR traffic.
3. Generate new key which is also the new internet domain seen in TOR network
4. Add new domain (TOR) in web server configuration to point to the same folder where are stored the root files of
5. Let the people now what is the new address.

Both addresses can work in parallel.
Beware witch holds the key generated at step 3 controls the new TOR domain.