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Suggestion to Paypal for Debit Card


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Sep 19, 2009
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I have written PayPal authorities to issue me a Debit Card to be specifically used for PayPal withdrawal or for online shopping.I know PayPal has no such facility to issue debit Cards to all members.But as a regular customer I have written them. I have also suggested them that a person with $100 or more withdrawal through local Bank Account should be treated as verified members and a PayPal Debit Card should be issued to them,We should be ready to pay any fee for the above,if demanded by PayPal.

Being an old customer ,I think there is nothing harm in writing or suggesting for better services.
yes, I suppose so. I keep getting paypals surveys to complete in my mails but hardly have time for those. I think its high time that paypal also does some policy changes and some changes in their verification process. I know i had a hard time to become a verified member.
Hi Goldentalk,

Very happy to know that,you are thinking the same as me.Some sites are making it mandatory that you should have verified Paypal Account to join and earn.I am fully agreed with your view,that PayPal should make some policy changes in their Account verification norms.I think more members should write PayPal with their suggestions.
Paypal could definitely use some improvements in certain areas, as far as how various things are done, but I do feel that verifying accounts is very important for Paypal, but they should offer more ways that somebody could do this.