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Yes Exchanges from EU / LT drive you crazy for large amounts. If the moderator allows me, I could post my link for the perfect provider... Payouts up to 100k - no problem, free CH Iban and much more. I've been testing for 2 months. It's really cool. Many better than Monerium, swapin etc.
Do that in private or in the Mentor Gold Group.
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Hi Padres, DM me please
He can't! Only paid subscribers can initiate DMs.

Surely, you can afford €0.01/ hour (Bronze Membership) for valuable information, right? :rolleyes:
Well well well, what do we have here. @swissmoney, you are not solving any problems with your platform, as a matter of fact, you are bringing problems onto the table.

Here's my review:

App is full of bugs. Support is slow. Fees are not transparent and the fact that you have "swiss" in your name but nothing to do with Switzerland makes me suspicious. I tried opening an account, seems like their app is not syncing with their web app, support requests on the app do not update on the web app and vice versa.

I sent a bank statement as a SoF document, highly reputable bank. They saw that I received money from another one of my accounts and wanted me to send the statement from that other account instead, this is where I stopped. Why? Because I have multiple bank accounts and we would end up in a loop with them asking for more statements, which makes no sense because I ALREADY GAVE YOU MY SOF DOCUMENT! You don't need to know more than that.

2/10 rating, giving the 2 because I like the idea, not how it is implemented. I've also noticed a pattern with some of the profiles replying to this topic, but that's not something I want to expand on.

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