Switzerland vs Singapore company total cost and ongoing cost ,

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I want to know total cost of Switzerland vs Singapore .
Registration cost to on going annual cost.
Which is better ?
In 2022 world , which country is best for incorporation


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The best country for incorporation depends on your business, imho it doesn't make sense to compare both based on cost as CH and SG have very different nature.

CH doesn't have WHT on interestes and royalties but have a 35% WHT on dividends. You would be able to get money out of CH at 0% WHT with very few selected countries and you have to demonstrate not only that you are the beneficial owner but also that you have substance there. In other words they don't want money to leave CH.

Singapore on the other hand have 0% WHT on dividends even for non treaty countries.

Just this distinction alone could be enough to let you decide what you need most for your business.


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A big difference is share capital. You need 50,000 CHF to form a Swiss AG/SA (ideally 100,000 CHF to cover the full share capital), which is the company form most people want to form. In Singapore, the minimum paid up share capital is 1 SGD.

From what I've seen, the running costs aren't markedly different. Switzerland might cost a bit more but not by any huge margin.

By and large, Singapore is more streamlined for non-resident founders and smaller companies than Switzerland. But if you want to form a company to build up a team locally, both are good but I'd say Switzerland has an upper hand in talent pool accessibility (basically all of EU/EEA without any work permit hassle).

As for banking, both Swiss and Singaporean companies without local presences or regional connections struggle to open accounts locally. Singapore might be a bit more easy-going than Switzerland, but not enough to be a key decision making factor.

And that's without taking taxes into consideration. Adds a whole new layer of complexity to the equation.