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Nicholas Van Orton

Silver Member
Hello everyone,
looking to partner with a tech/online savvy for a high-margin / lucrative MLM business. More details and info via DM or if you can't do it, just give a contact email. I'd like to know a bit of you before engaging in a conversation, so please briefly state what have you done in the MLM space before.


Nicholas Van Orton

Silver Member
Hi @riskov, just got your reply. Good point, let me briefly summarize the business profile and what’s required.

The business is currency trading (FX), but from a pure liquidity perspective…i.e., providing a market-neutral approach while getting kick-backs or rebates from adding liquidity (opening and closing of positions). Through a synthetic combination of pairs, there is no real market position taken, while accumulating rebates provide a positive cash flow of the business.

Since there is no real market positioning, the business can go on indefinitely, all the while distributing the cash flow amongst participants. I’ll be happy to get into details with a prospective partner.

So what’s required? As the title suggests, we’re looking for a MLM specialist who can build and grow a vast affiliate network, up to 4-5 levels deep. Preferable someone who already has the capacity to build it with existing “ready-made” connections that would jump-start the affiliate count right away. Must be knowledgeable and bring to the table MLM software, but that’s not an essential or required tool, as it can be outsourced. What’s important is that he advises/helps on web structure and format to create an appealing communication portal.

This basically sums up the business deal, happy to provide more details in private to advance further.

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