Tether attacked by Fraser Perring

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CZ is a clown and a fraud.He is coworking with the establishment and is involved in any major fraud.
USDT has its role and rothschilds are deep in it.
The drop is a transfer of good coins to the small group.
Have a look how you can now withdraw your funds on FTX when selling your good coins for TRX at a WAY WAY WAY lower price.
All planned.
What we are seeing is the playbook from bankers to transfer the important coins to them for cheap.

Dude being inside your head has to be better than DMT


Must be side effect of 5g
or being behind the scene seeing the reality.
Nicolai who was part of bitshares (always a full anti establishment community) who later created DAI got billionaire and wanted to create a new stablecoin fully decentralized ,no censorship possible from anybody and high liquid .....

All you got left are punks with controlled ponzi and CZ being the master manipulator.
USDT will be high probably the final downward reason the only question is when.After the next bull or even earlier before regulations come

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