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Breaking News! The Battle for Truth: OffshoreCorpTalk vs Hamilton Reserve Bank

Breaking News!
My personal assumption is that most of the people here on the forum have been thoroughly cheated either by the authorities or by other business contacts, and in that context have been in close contact with both lawyers and accountants who only look at how much money they can pull out of their clients' pockets!

That said, the scandalous behavior exhibited by Hamilton Reserve Bank is a slippery slope. I would rather have paid 100K to OCT to have it all removed than to pay it to greedy lawyers.
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Further to our previous correspondence, we have been contact by a process server in relation to the attached Claims, who has requested confirm that the attachment has been shares with all other officers and shareholders of the company

The individual identified himself as being appointed by the plaintiffs.
Latest update from today.

I send them the link to this thread and answered confirmed.
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Latest update from today.

I send them the link to this thread and answered confirmed.

Trial by jury—ALWAYS!
Regardless of what the attorneys claim, never EVER accept advice from someone/an expert who isn't going to "bleed or pay" if they get it wrong!
NYC is so anti-banks, and it is much, much worse against Offshore banks "that hide money for Americans in NYC who don't pay their fair share in NYC TAXES, leaving the jurors to become slaves to HRM bank" and especially in places like St. Kitts & Nevis that sell CBI to "terrorists, tax dodgers, drug dealers, vaccine deniers, child molesters, homophobes, and climate change deniers." dev56""" dev56""" dev56""" dev56""" rof/% rof/% rof/% rof/% rof/% rof/%

I'd pay to see the jurors' faces when they hear this in a testimony! smi(&% smi(&% smi(&% smi(&% ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Everything is NEVER enough in War! ;)

PS. You have to dig DEEP into the lives and the secrets of the plaintiff and their attorneys, especially those who will conduct the cross-examinations in court. dev56""" ;)
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The latest update is that they've found a law firm that seriously suggested we should have a phone call to discuss how we could resolve this conflict by possibly paying some amount.

We rejected the whole thing and told them to do what they thought necessary, and referred them again to this thread where we invited them to participate if they wished, and if they were bored, they could watch the video to maybe understand the situation better.
I just noticed that Hamilton Reserve Bank on its website calls itself "the largest global bank in the region". They don't define what region, but let's be generous and say they only mean the Caribbean. But let's be even more generous and focus on nearby islands.

The bank is based in Saint Kitts and Nevis, which is less than an hour's flight from BVI and USVI. There we have for example VP Bank, FirstCaribbean International Bank (CIBC), Republic Bank, Scotiabank, and Banco Popular. I don't feel like looking up each of those banks but Scotiabank is sitting on assets of 1.4+ trillion CAD.

More broadly across the Caribbean, banks like HSBC, RBC, Citibank, JP Morgan, UBS, and EFG are also present.

So I guess we should congratulate Hamilton Reserve Bank on having gone from obscurity to being one of the largest banks in the whole world. Well done!

Because they wouldn't be making any kind of false statements, right?
It's totally unheard of for a bank to act like this. I mean, no other bank has ever done something like this before! Banks usually stay away from commenting on public platforms or even starting a war in cyberspace like this.
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What a mess. I hope you guys get relaxed about it. As I read it there is really nothing to worry about. Just watch the shitshow and move on.
If the bank pushes it forward and there is no defense, it might obtain a judgment in default and even a draconian TRO, which could include seizure of the domain. You never know what can happen in court, so no, it’s not possible to just sit and watch being stripped of your property and your rights.
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Do you have contingency plans?
A full-blown counter-attack in the form of a counterclaim on the bank for +100 billion in a trial by jury. Never accept a bench trial! NEVER! EVER!

There is also the Qui Tam option, but this has to be separate. It can't and should NEVER be attached to the counterclaim, regardless of what lawyers "sell" you! ca#"!

PS. All the former prosecutors from H3ll I knew have either passed away or are in nursing homes. Not surprising. When I was a teenager, most of them were in their 50s and 60s hi%#
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