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The Best VPN Service in 2021 to maximize security and anonymity online


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What is VPN?​

VPN is a short term for ‘Virtual Private Network’ and it allows you to establish a secure connection with the Internet which is essential if you need to access region-restricted websites or protect your browsing activities from prying eyes.

In 2021, due to the COVID19 pandemic, working remotely has become the norm for millions of people. People are not located, anymore, in their company’s on-premise network but at home. This means that your online activities are no longer protected by your office’s network and therefore your anonymity is not secure and you are potentially exposed to cyber attacks.

Why You Need VPN for Remote Work​

1. Stay Anonymous Online​

VPNs offers up to military-grade 256-bit encryption which means that your internet activity will not be tracked or logged by any Browser or App.

2. Access Region-restricted Websites​

A lot of Websites and Apps like Netflix, Streaming websites, Online casino and Poker websites are displaying content based on their Users’ Country location, or even placing complete access restrictions as per the regulations of your Country. Here is where the VPN’s benefit comes as your Internet IP Address will change. If you are located in Cyprus, for example, with the use of a UK VPN your IP address will show up as United Kingdom.

3. Reduce Costs from Excess Bandwidth Charges​

The majority of ISPs nowadays, will place caps on your data subscription plan so that they can maximize internet speed for their business customers. With the use of a VPN on your Smartphone your ISPs will not be able to track data consumption which means you will not be subject to a bandwidth cap!

4. Protect from Cyber attacks​

Like in all societies where crime exists, Cyber crime is a real threat for all Internet users. Whether you are using the Internet via your laptop or your smartphone you are exposed to Cyber threats and Cyber criminals. With the use of a VPN you can establish a secure connection to the Internet for, not only casual browsing activity, but also for business work and exchanging sensitive data and files with your colleagues.

How to Get a Cheap VPN​

Whether you need VPN for personal use or for business purposes, NetShop ISP offers cheap and reliable VPN in Cyprus, Malta, UK, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Los Angeles and Singapore. Upon a successful order you will receive your VPN credentials along with the software to install on your Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

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DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution