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    Not sure whether you're already aware Admin, but it's actually really hard to login to OCT via TOR. Browsing the forum is fine (when not signed in), however attempts to login via TOR connections are routinely blocked by Sucuri firewall which reports that they are coming from a blacklisted IP (as though the firewall maintains a list of all know TOR end-nodes and blocks them).

    As such a universal privacy tool, it would seem worthwhile to allow connections via the TOR network?
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    Maybe he could mirror this site with a .onion domain.
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    Same here, using Tor is difficult - but not impossible.

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    sorry to say so, but it keeps the hackers away using sucuri and also they are good in restoring websites if they should get hacked. We can't find a better service so far that cover it all. Suggestions are more than welcome of course.