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the owner is a fraudster:

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“Sewell and his company agreed to injunctive relief without admitting or denying the allegations.”
Settling with the SEC doesn’t make you a fraudster. And anyway I never had a problem with Rockwell OTC.
I'm not talking about settling with the Sec, he promised his students and didn't deliver. That's the issue
I have reviewed your account and you actually haven't enrolled in banking yet, please follow this link once you are logged in : Sifr | Digital Assets Exchange

No, the screenshot you have attached saying USD funding is limited to US customers is for bank payments with banks availble on Plaid.com - as a non US, it is unlikely that you have such an account, traditional US banks do not open accounts for foreigners - but we do offer the "flexibility" of funding your account with a bank wire.

Let me know if you have additional questions.
LoL and they went out of business, website does not work any longer.

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