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UAE Tax Deadline for Free Zone Companies


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Aug 25, 2023
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Hey guys

Just trying to get a handle on the new CT regs in the UAE and thought I'd bounce my situation off you all to ensure I'm on track.

Here's my deal:
  • I own a FZCO incorporated with IFZA since 1 March 2022.
  • Marketing, Consultancy, Internet Content licenses.
  • Keeping profits just shy of 375K AED for now, and have not registed with VAT or Tax since I am not above the threshold.
I'm just a bit confused about the actual deadlines there are as to when we need to register etc.

Here is my understanding:
  • We've got until 31 December 2024 to register for Corporate Tax.
  • Post-registration, our first tax return, and any payment is due by 30 September 2025.
Sound about right to you guys?

Just do not want to get fined or flagged for something as stupid as not registering.

  • Company in IFZA Dubai freezone, started 1 March 2022.
  • Register for Corporate Tax by 31 Dec 2024.
  • File and pay taxes by 30 Sep 2025.
Am I missing anything?

Any info will be highly appreciated.

PS I am not asking about my business set up, I just want to know about the deadlines, so please do not derail the thread, thanks