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UBS Switzerland remote opening

Absolutely waste of time, unless you are super wealthy and they would travel to your home to open bank account for you.

Otherwise ignore all that s**t on their website about “open your bank account online”

They are still super old school

1. All passports still are verified in Basel when they send them with regular swiss post. (Sometimes the copies of passport are even lost on the regular mail haha so they ask you to visit them second time)
2. For account you will swiss permit B or C and work contract.
3. You will not be able to do anything more with account than what is in your salary paper. Otherwise account will instantly closed.
4. Private account managers engage only if account is credited with more than 1mio chf

Drop them

Waste of time

Practice shows that even when you are swiss resident with B permit and try to do it online,

Last step is always:

- Please visit our nearest branch with your document and to answer some additional questions.

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I think you are exaggerating
my body exaggerates when i see posts like yours :)


i am more than open to hear your success story = opening account online with UBS while being none swiss resident and with no work contract in Swiss. If its so it will be very first case i heard. With your IFsuccessIF success case statistics will change to 1% chance :)

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