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FOR SALE UK 2 Year Old Dormant Limited Registered Company Established March 2022 for sale


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Oct 20, 2023
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UK 2 Year Old Dormant Limited Company Established March 2022

No debts totally clear. This company has been very well maintained.
Confirmation Statement filed as Dormant and up to date not due until 10th April 2024 (New owner can update the new Shareholders etc.
I can confirm and will sign a legal declaration stating during the whole lifetime of the company that there has been NO financial dealings, trading/s, loans, Grants, bank accounts what-so-ever.
Same day electronic transfer through Companies house online filing.
I can send the documentation ( Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Original Share Certificate, Minutes of Meeting, etc) via email.
Buyer to provide me with the new Directors full legal name, DOB, correct legal home residential address (Must be within the UK) along with the new correct company registered address (Must be within the UK) plus contact email within 15 days of purchase.
I will then enter the new details and as soon as the details have been accepted with Companies House provide the buyer with the Companies House filing Authorisation Code & HMRC UTR Number.
ICO has been informed that the company hasn't dealt with any data and Dormant Corporation tax has been declared as NIL.
The Authorisation Code can be changed at any time so only the person with the Authorisation code can undertake filing and any future changes.
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