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UK Non Dom - Brokers


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Nov 14, 2022
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I am a UK resident but non-domiciled individual. I know there has been some discussion on these forums about which brokers to use / not use ensuring the assets/income is not remitted to the UK. I know there are offshore brokers like Swissquote etc but they charge custody fees and US brokers that could open an account but they charge other fees etc.

So I am looking a really cost effective solution.

Basically the broking account would own non-UK assets (to avoid UK situs issues).

In particular, there is Interactive Brokers and Charles Schwab here in the UK. Charles Schwab state the account is domiciled in the US.

I am wondering if there is a conclusive answer on whether Interactive Brokers or Charles Schwab can be opened in UK to hold non-UK shares for a non-dom?
I would stick to Swiss banks in such case.
Using such companies as interactive brokers is risky, because most bigger brokers has UK license
I probably would not meet the minimum requirements for the big Swiss banks.

There is also the 0.15% stamp duty on all buy/sell shares for all foreign shares but maybe this is a cost of doing business here?

I have looked at swissquote - are there other options other than the big Swiss banks?