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Unexpected Fees?


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Apr 16, 2009
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Were you surprised sometimes with some unexpected or very high fees from Moneybookers when you were trying to receive/send/upload/withdraw money? Post it here, maybe there is a clarification for them after all.
I don't understand this with the fees, first of all, when I try to transfer some money to another MB account I don't have to pay anything, to signup I don't need to pay, so where are the fees all are talking about?

They never charged my account what so ever :confused:
If you all would read the Terms and the fee list of moneybookers you won't find any "unexpected" fees only fees which they made clear you have to pay if you want to use the service.
Before any complaints are made, it is best to refer to the terms and conditions and then to inquire to the service hotline next. Only if an issue is uncovered should it merit rants.


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I have go through terms and conditions of Monybooker and it is clearly mentioned that they charge a small fee for every transaction through them. The major disadvantage through them is that only a small majority of sites accept payment through them.