US PayPal in EU, is it safe?


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Hello guys!

I`m not US citizen. I have US PayPal business account, registered on my owm US LLC with US bank account, and verified by ITIN etc., I use PayPal for my e-commerce project in US

Now I`m going to live for about 6-7 months to one warm country in Indian ocean (cheaper to live and great weather all year). I have already use my Paypal account from different countries and have no any problems. My account have a great statistics.

What should I do with my US Paypal? Can they block me?


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If I understand it correctly you're afraid to use your account from abroad... I don't think this could be an issue but it's really sad that you even consider it

either way for peace of your mind simply use VPN or VPS to access your account from the country you usually reside in and you're good


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Thank you for your reply! Now I fill better))

Yes, I'm afraid that most of my accesses to the account is not from US, and it can be a problem in future (block etc.), due to long using (6-7 months) outside US and i`m not US citizen (but have ITIN and all US busienss documents)


You are safe if you are not regarded as a US tax resident and do not have green card, us tax on worldwide income so you must pay them their taxes if you are a resident/green card holder/citizen.

Otherwise the US business account will be fine if you are abroad.