USA banking over Europe

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  1. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I say America aka USA. Cheap and fast!
  2. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Why the heck is everyone refuse USA as offshore?

    I have couple bank accounts there. No taxes so far :)
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    Wonder how you got your bank accounts there?? Also, why would someone want to bank in the USA if they are looking for privacy and something close to offshore?
  4. jackfrost

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    Some people's posts are as clever as their usernames...
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  5. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    For some banks, I fled there and other banks fled directly to my house.
    I do not care about privacy. Privacy is pretty much dead on everywhere.

    Yes just like your forest.

    I want to be open here.

    I hate Malta, Singapore , Hong kong, BVI, Panama. I hate Traditional heavens, No one think out of box.

    You can open bank account in US/UK with 100$.
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  6. devnull

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    Why are you hating the mentioned countrys?

    What US bank are you recommending? Im using Hong Kong company for it.

    What do you mean with banks fled into your house?
  7. Admin

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    okay, sounds like you have lots of money to place with the banks since they are willing to fly directly to your home.
  8. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    1. Chase Bank for Business. For this bank, I opened it when I was in New York.
    2. BNY Mellon (For Personal) fled to my residence through Private Jet . This has 10mm minimum.

    I have USA C-corp not hong kong one. Hong kong one is useless for me. I file zero taxes on every year for my C-corp.

    I hate these countries because,

    1. All are still using papers. Slow as *uck. In US, I use DocuSign. Few seconds will take to fill and sign electronically .

    2. Introducers taking profit every year from your bank balance. Banks pay them % annually.

    3. People smell badly when you do business through Hong kong, Malta companies.

    4. All those offshore banks asks Invoices sooner or later when you receive money.

    I only love US, UK , Lux, NZ because they has zero taxes for non-dom, ultimate freedom. There is zero data sharing with my home country.

    I'm not from Europe. This countries only work for few nationalists.

    Country-by-Country exchange relationships - OECD

    Lucky bruh.

    US has no tax data sharing with Germany but Germany share US citizen data with USA>
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  9. khan

    khan Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    I still relay on Europe and not Donald Trump and the entire USA with their hidden agenda and propaganda.

    Why is the USA opening up tax haven's all around the states while the rest of the world is closing them down! Think about it! It is the country where all is possible, so for the intelligence service around there!

    BTW: We are getting total off topic, @Admin take a look at this thread!
  10. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    For muslims, better to off america. for others, they are fine.
    They do not have perfect intelligence service like Mossad. Everyone knows about NSA. Eddie leaked all shit.

    America is not for criminals, anonymous people. Why you feel so feared? Losing your so called anonymous business?
  11. challenge

    challenge Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I agree with niggashit about America's policy. Fatca is one way as now.
    European Union next June will try to put them on blacklist if Fatca doesn't start to reciprocate.
    I don't think it will happen honestly, but I prefer to wait. Always loved USA as foreigner not citizen, its huge market etc.
    USA will have all your info based on form 5472 and similar, I'd just wait until june to see what happens.
    When there's even an unpaid bill/fine, USA govt likes to quietly add people to black list, and you'll not know until you plan a flight there... you'll receive a surprise at the airport. A friend tried, not good. They ban people quite easily.
    When I did business in US and had nexus there, and the country where I was living had much much higher taxes, I always tried to pay even a lil share of taxes there. I mean it's not too bad in comparison to other countries. You can lower your taxes by a lot if your CPA know how to do. Look at Trump, he basically never paid any taxes ;)
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  12. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Yes. USA has onshore loopholes but very expensive. Trump basically did everything onshore using expensive lawyers.

    For cryptos, I know my american friend cashout using because it shows as loan. He basically leverage that loophole :)
  13. devnull

    devnull Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Is there a way to open a US banking account without having to come to the US? because the HK PayPal asks for a HK or US bank account so it can connect to the business paypal. Transferwise thinks my hosting servers business is "too risky" for them.
  14. negon

    negon hannibal the cannibal Mentor Group Business Angel

    If you get one this way please post here! I have so far not seen anyone be ale to do that unless they put in a middleman which is unreliable and unsecure!
  15. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Of course you can.

    U.S. Banking for Foreign Corporations |

    I do not why kids can't fly US. It takes 30 min to open accounts at tire 1 banks.

    For an example, with PNC Bank you can open accounts instantly at other countries (Cyprus,Malta included).

    PNC Corporate & Institutional

    You can send wires to europe and other countries instantly with PNC. They are Ripple powered.

    Instead revolut, I recommend Schwab Bank for personal usage.

    Zero FX Fees
    Better Interbank rates
    High Limits (Need call to adjust. My card has 20k daily atm limit and 100k daily POS limit)
    Free ATM worldwide (They refund atm fees at end of month)

    I've withdrawn like 200k to Schwab from Gemini (Crypto). No questions asked.
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  16. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Just to heads up. I got some new information from couple chinese friends who sell on Amazon.

    Big banks such as Wells Fargo has representative offices around world.

    Global Financial Institution Services Locations – Wells Fargo Commercial

    You all have to do is walk into one of location thats near to your country and open account. From what I heard they do not open business accounts unless you have serious business.
  17. UScorp

    UScorp Active Member

    Sorry NONE of your recommendations will work. The link you provided from firstam is for accounts for foreign companies in the US not Europe.
    PNC will not wprk same with Wells or BoA ,Chase unless you have a legit business and min. 1 Mio EURO turnaround.
  18. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I said this since beginning (Check my old posts). You need to have US corporation or subsidiary for your EU company.
    I do not see any reason why you can't form a US corp and go with firstam.

    PNC require visit. I said that with PNC, you can open bank accounts in other countries.
  19. iknowwhatyoudid

    iknowwhatyoudid New Member

    Could you elaborate or share a link to read more about this? Thanks!
  20. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    C-Corp is a business corporation type in US. It basically separate business from personal taxes.
    As a non resident, you can't form S-corp in US. You only can form LLC or C-Corp.

    The main advertange with C-corp is the ability to issue shares among shareholders (Eg: Venture capital investors). However; it's subject to double taxation (Dividends).
    The beauty is that non-residents does not have to pay Federal taxes in USA. If you have US customers and you pay 0 tax in USA because you are non-resident.

    To avoid US income tax, you must use a server located in offshore like Asia, EU for your Business Website. You need to avoid any physical ties to US. Eg: you should not hire any employees from United States with exception of freelance, contract workers.

    You can use some sever side technology like Nginx and route US customers to your Asian, EU server and EU,Asian customers to a US server.

    I recommend you to use LLC over C-corp because it's less paperwork. You do not have to conduct meeting minutes.

    One more thing, It's better to go with state like nevada to avoid state taxes as there is two taxes in USA which is Fed tax and State taxes.

    US LLC Taxes - A tax haven for foreigners, and still a good option for US taxpayers - Online Taxman
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