USA/Nevis/St. Vincent/Cook Islands LLC + Territorial taxation


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as we all know 2018-2020 are the years where IBCs/Ltds getting taxed >25% when they have no substance in their jurisdiction.
Now there is the question how it works with an LLC. LLCs are partnerships, so the physical presence of its directors/partners are setting the taxation. So no substance is required.
When these partners living in countries with territorial taxation and without CFC-Rules their income will not be taxed.

Is that the one and only tax-free setup that we have now right?


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I am not very sure, but I think the income will be considered “local” , instead to “foreign”!


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Yeah that's the question here.
On several websites across the net are informations like "no taxation" due foreign income. But the LLC of its nature will only be taxed in its country of operation. And when it operates, it is a local company with local income. But this requires the acceptance of a foreign LLC as a legal entity. And the most non-British/American countries don't even know LLCs.

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