Usefulway to cash out paypal balance.need help


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I am holding a US paypal account that I created with fake name, gv number and prepaid card( my friend bought me at US grocery store) So far I have showed paypal the fake driver lience and proof of supplier. My only funding source is from ebay. I only cash out 3 times after I make thousand usd of sales. Some times it does not working so well when i send money to my US friends account. paypal keep saying they are not able to make the payment at this time.....
I also have a payoneer account linked to my paypal account that the two account name is matched. But payoneer doest allow me add my local bank( name does not match). It is frustarted me a lot. I was wondering is there are any good suggestion to cash out money from paypal. any good offshore suggestion?

Welcomed to discuess and share valueable experience about how to cash out from stealth paypal account.

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Is this thread still active?
My friend does need help with a similar subject, and he will give me a good part of it after he setup the Stealth Acc.

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